Hotel Räpina and Kiudoski Restaurant, service price list

  EUR *
Single room 55 46
Double/twin room 68 59
Double/twin room used by one person 60 51
3-person room 80 70
Suite 200  
Extra bed 12  
Conference room (1h) 16  
Conference room (1h, every hour starting from the 4th hour) 10  
Conference room (1 day) 85  
Data projector and LED-monitor (1 day) 26  
Data projector and LED-monitor (1h) 6.40  
Coffee break 1 (pie, fruit, coffee/tea, ice water), (1 person) 3.50  
Coffee break 2 (biscuits, fruit, coffee/tea, ice water), (1 person) 3.50  
Coffee break 3 (pie, biscuits, fruit, coffee/tea, ice water), (1 person) 4.20  
Sauna, up to 6 persons (the first hour) 19  
Sauna, extra person 3.50  
Sauna (1h, starting from the second hour) 16  
Extra towel 1.50  
Group menu * (3-course lunch or dinner), (1 person) 11.90
Please place an order for a group menu at least 3 days in advance.
The minimum size of a group is 12 persons.
Group menu selections:    
Spiced Baltic sprats with a poached egg on a green salad pillow 5.40  
Vegetable purée soup with crispy bacon and pine nut oil 2.70  
Stuffed pork chop with herb potatoes, mushroom-tomato skewer and creamy sauce 6.90  
Oven-baked pike-perch from Lake Peipsi with sesame seeds, mashed potatoes, julienne vegetables and pickled cucumbre sauce 10.50  
Pear poached in red wine sauce with vanilla sauce 2.70  
Chocolate mousse with cherry sauce 2.70  

* The discount prices are valid for accommodation up until April 16th 2018.

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