Sites in southern Estonia

Our visitors will find plenty of sites to see in Räpina and its surroundings. Discover the cultural heritage and unique history as well as the untouched nature and hiking possibilities the region offers!

Sites in Räpina:

  • The Võhandu River, one of the most sightly and longest rivers in Estonia
  • A scenic artificial lake at the heart of Räpina, close to the hotel
  • Sillapää manor and park with a combination of the English and French garden styles
  • Räpina paper mill – on of the oldest consecutively running industrial enterprise in Europe
  • One of the longest lit cycling roads in southern Estonia with breath-taking views of the surrounding nature  – perfect for cycling and rollerblading
  • Leevaku hüdroelektrijaam
  • The narrow neck of Lake Peipsi (the 5th largest lake in Europe) across which you can see Russia
  • A beach suitable for swimming kitesurfing and windsurfing at the eastern border of the European Union, with a view to Russia
  • The Räpina polder is included in the international important Bird Area list
  • The Räpina boat harbour opens up local rivers and lakes for boat traffic.

Sites in southern Estonia:


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Southern Estonia is known as the gem of Estonia. Take your family and friends and come see it yourself!

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